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House of Destiny is an Apostolic, Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generational Church with a strong emphasis on Prayer ,Worship and Bible based preaching and teaching.

     We are committed to building and sending disciples of Jesus Christ from city to city and nation to nation.

We believe every single individual has a story that God desires to use to build His Kingdom, and we exist to help you discover, develop and use your God given gifts and abilities to share the gospel in your sphere of influence.

kids HODL.jpg
Kid's Ministry

Kids were important in Jesus Ministry and they are important to us too! At HODL our desire is that the children would also know Jesus, discover their gifts and use them to be a blessing to other kids! 

Couple's Masala Marriage Enrichment

Marriage is an important component of the church. We strongly believe that the home is the first church and often times healthy marriages lead to healthy churches. 

Teenagers in Park
Youth  Ministry

We believe in building and equipping the next generation. Young people will not always be young and therefor it is imprtant to lay a good foundation for them 

Women's Ministry

Jesus thought that women played a vital role in His ministry and so do we at House of Destiny .Give a woman anything and she will multiply it. We believe women are equally called, anointed and gifted for the works of ministry.

Praise and worship Image.jpg
Praise and Worship Team

Worshipping and praising God through Music is an integral part of our expression. We therefore value our singers and musicians and encourage them to be close to Jesus as the only way for them to lead people to Jesus is for they themselves to know the way to Jesus.

Ushering and Hospitality

People often return to a church because of how welcome they felt. We believe in a culture of honoring people and treating them as though they were the only person who was present that day. Our hospitality department is all about people being valued!

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