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Get to Know Us

House of Destiny Church, London is a vibrant, multicultural family of believers in Jesus Christ who come together for worship, fellowship and teaching every week in gatherings in different homes and large halls.

The Church was began in the year 2022 with Philip and Kerina Omondi as the lead Pastors under the oversight of the DOVE Canada Apostolic Council. 

Ever since it's founding ,the Church has strived to create and maintain an atmosphere of radical obedience to the teachings of Christ Jesus and to intentionally  maintain a multicultural/multi-ethnic dimension amongst the congregation as we grow together in Christ Jesus. 

Brian Sauder and Philip Wright together with Philip and Kerina Omondi  currently serve as the board of elders. 

Our Vision

We are committed to reaching, equipping, and releasing God’s people for the work of the ministry, for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Our Mission Statement

Committed to helping you conform to your destiny and purpose in Christ

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Philip Omondi

Lead Pastor (DOVE Canada Apostolic Council)

Kerina Omondi

Co Pastor (DOVE Canada Apostolic Council)

Brian and Janet Sauder

Spiritual Advisors(Presbyter)DOVE International Apostolic Council /DOVE Canada Director

Philip Wright.jpg
Philip Wright

Spriritual Advisor(Presbyter) DOVE Canada Apostolic Council /DOVE Canada Assistant Director

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